March Against Monsanto

Today the whole world protests against Monsanto and all it represents. I am all for progress and development but it should not be at the expense of sustainability and ethics. Monsanto to me, represents everything that is wrong with the relationship between governments, corporations and living organisms.

All food begins with seed, it has existed long before man, and all living organisms depend on it in one way or another. Any system which allows a person, institution or corporation to own seed is fundamentally flawed and wrong. Seeds belong only to this earth and all that live in it to be shared and used by all.

If a company decides to modify nature, patent its modifications and collect royalties on such modifications, then it follows on, that such a company should then be required to pay royalties on the original seed. An international trust could be setup to collect such royalties and said monies could be used productively to grow and sustain the original seed to be provided freely to those who need it.

Due to natural way in which seeds grow, contamination is a huge risk. Presently a farmer using genetically modified seed can easily and unintentionally contaminate his neighbors crops and crazily the neighbor can be sued for patent infringement, how crazy is that! In fact, Monsanto should be held liable for such contamination and be completely responsible for decontamination. I may have to sue my neighbor for the bees carrying my pollen to his garden……

If we want to eradicate world hunger we need to empower people to grow their own food not enslave them to corporations who are trying to monopolise and control natural resources with the aid of governments. The  human race presently produces more than enough food to feed all, yet people go hungry and die from hunger. The simple reason people die from hunger is profit and greed, corporations. The right to food is a fundamental right of all living organisms, and we need to ensure and safeguard that right before it is too late. Say YES to natural seed being freely available and NO to private ownership of food resources.

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Remember, We reap what we sow……….


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