My Kruger Park Visit In Pictures

What is it about getting a really good picture that makes me feel so good.  Is it the patience to wait for the right combination of elements?  

The Kruger National Park is the one place where I always hope to shoot my next great picture.  And on my recent trip there, I had a good feeling.  I had a sense that this time I was going to get my leopard in a tree.  Excited, and camera in hand I was ready.

Entering at an ungodly hour has its payoffs.  

This elephant was kind enough to take a break from trying to break off a branch to pose for the camera.

At Skukuza camp I found this beautiful bird.

and these pigeons having a go at each other.

He had an appointment to have his picture taken with a bushveld background

Found this Warthog feeding and it does this on bended knee eating the low growing grass

I had to get one scenic picture, which happens to have a hippo in there somewhere. Let see if you can find it

This was just an awesome close up picture. The eyes look amazing

Very colourful bird just sitting in a tree

Curious giraffe looking back at me

then turned around and coyly walked away

The zebra crossing in the park

Just reminded me of  Zazoo in the Lion King

These tortoises were watching the traffic on the Lower Sabie bridge. I could not get them to smile…

At Lower Sabie camp, I found these birds just cooling off in a bath

Giraffes having a drink courtesy of the Sabie river.

Not sure what this is but it posed for my picture.

Elephants frolicking in the river. The weather so good I was tempted to join them, but sensibility prevailed.

And in the sand.

Finally seeing this group of lionesses on my way out of the park.

Alas, NO Leopard in a tree…….Hopefully there will be another day!

Bye 4 now!

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