Viva 2011 (Happy New Year)

I have not written for many weeks now, because I just did not feel like it. Have you ever experienced that? Every time  I thought to myself  that I have not written, I would just change my thoughts, almost like I did not want to think about it.  I wonder what other thoughts I deliberately not think about, but will leave this for another blog.

First I would like to welcome the new year and I look forward to all the exciting  experiences it will bring. I wish you all, the best year yet.

Well this morning, during my morning routine of reading emails, facebook and other blogs, I felt compelled to write this blog about why I started writing in the first place. Ever since I was a very young, I think around 7 or 8, I wanted to be a writer. In fact I wrote my first fictional story when I was only 10. Throughout my schooling years I enjoyed writing but only when something inside of me poured forth. That is really the only way I can describe my writing experience. It is not a deliberate act, I cannot write when I choose to and believe me I have tried. My mind becomes completely blank and all my thoughts are about the fact that I have no thoughts which  quickly starts to loop infinitely, so I break out before insanity reigns or at least I hope so. But when the writing feeling erupts within me, it flows out of me and I cannot write or type fast enough (I should invest in a dictaphone). I wrote mainly poetry or essays which I have never shared with anyone except the occasional love poem I wrote for someone. Unfortunately I have discarded all my writing from over the years and in fact during my University years I stopped writing all together. I am not sure why?

Thorughout the years I always believed that some time in the future I would start writing again, but that future is just not arriving. So finally I started a book which I am still writing and hoping to finish before my worldly departure. I then started a blog called Ahmed On IT which still exists but is pretty much dormant and finally I started Thingz that Matter, which really is meant to be my thoughts made explicit, a place where the writer in me is free to express himself whenever he feels the need to. So I hope the writer in me would make more regularly appearences in 2011 but can make no promises.

Till next we our minds meet……

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