Hamba Kahle! to the World

Well, the FIFA world cup has come and gone and my great Dutch hope fades again. Congratulations are due to all involved in making the world cup in South Africa such a wonderful event. South Africa set out to host the best world cup ever and they did it in African style, siyabonga kakhulu (thank you very much). And a great thanks goes out to all those hospitable South Africans who opened their arms and welcomed the world in African style as well. And most all thank you to the fans from all over the world for coming to our wonderful country and enjoying this event with us. It certainly was a once in a lifetime!

Congratulations to Spain on winning their first world cup title and well deserved it is. I am distraught that my favorite team Holland, whom I have supported for many many years has once again come short but not from a lack of trying. They played with heart and passion and I salute that. They chose the correct tactics and executed it well. It was always going to be the battle between Robben and Casillas that determines the winner and unfortunately Casillas won.

It is Brazil’s turn next to host this wonderful event and I wish them well to do something even better and I am looking forward to it. Thanks to all and Hamba Kahle!

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