The Right Handed iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 apparently has been getting reception complaints and Apple’s response to this was avoid gripping it in the lower left corner in a way that covers both sides of the black strip in the metal band, or simply use one of the many available cases.” In fact Steve Jobs simply stated “Non issue. Just avoid holding it that way.”

Now I am blogging about this because it fascinates me just what a powerful brand Steve Job’s has created. If Steve ran a brand building course I would sell my kidneys to attend it. It also fascinates me that most Applist (loyal followers of the church of Apple) will not see anything wrong with the statement “Non issue. Just avoid holding it that way”. 

Just to avoid the religious wars, I am going to use an analogy, Imagine motor manufacturer X released a brand new vehicle and immediately there are reports of the engine cutting off sometimes when you turn left at 180km/h, would you be running out to buy one just yet, well I am sure you don’t usually drive at that speed so it shouldn’t really matter now should it. Ok, so you thinking that a phone is not a life and death situation so its not the same, well for your sake I hope you are not on an emergency call to 911 and heaven help you, you forget to “avoid holding it that way”. 

Crazy people like me would expect the motor manufacturer’s CEO to respond with acknowledgement of the problem and the means to rectify it even at considerable cost, or they may not be in business for very long, but not so in Appleverse. Applist will just happily buy the many available cases that Apple sells them or remember to not hold it that way.

But I can empathise with Steve completely. In my line of work, I develop perfectly good working software everyday and then some damn user uses it incorrectly.

Now where can I get my hands on an iPhone 4 and of course with a case? 

On a lighter side here is related funny story : An iPad Wedding gone wrong

Cheers 4 now

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