Religious truth sharers want you to go to hell…..

From the moment I was born, all the people around me ensured that I was made aware of religion, worship and God. I was sent to religious school and indoctrinated with the Truth. My loved one’s, strangers and most people I meet like to share their Truth and provide me with salvation for which I was most grateful.

I spent most of my life thinking that all these Truth sharers really had my back, and wanted me to get to heaven with them where we could live out our eternity in bliss, but I was wrong. All they really want to have is company in hell. I know you wondering how I could get to such a conclusion. 
Well it’s real simple. In every religion that I have come encountered, it is stated that God would not punish ignorance. If you are ignorant and commit sin, you will be forgiven and you will go to heaven. So my simple mind concludes that ignorance is the paved way to heaven. Now if this is the case, why would anyone want to share the truth with you, and thereby increase the possibility of sinning in knowledge and possibly denying you forgiveness and heaven.
Please all those good intentioned people out there STOP sharing the TRUTH so that the ignorant lot may inherit heaven and you can revel in the fact that your truth was truly true………….deep down in the throes of hell.