Death and it’s Lesson…..

On the morning of 15 June 2013, while rushing to see my father in hospital, I received the news of his passing. I heaved with emotion and felt a part of me ripped out leaving a lingering hollowness.

He left in the way he lived, silently with no goodbyes. He was never one to make a show of emotions, but always had a smile on his face. Of the little he had he gave a lot and I miss him. I miss him more than I ever imagined. There were so many unsaid words between us and conversation I planned to have in the future that now lay waste in my heart.

I often wondered what do you say to one who has lost a loved one? Now I know there is nothing anyone can say, no words can ease the pain of the loss. But being surrounded by people I love was like a soothing massage, in which I found much solace. Simple little things like an embrace, a phone call, a shared memory even a joke reminded me that I had many loved one’s still with me here and now.

I guess my father’s final lesson, is that life is fragile and short, appreciate those that you love today and let the busyness of life distract you tomorrow.

To all my friends and family who paused their lives to share their warm embraces with me, I thank you, it is worth more to me than words could ever say………



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